The Devils hold auditions in the first few weeks of the Fall semester each year. Auditions happen in the days following the yearly a cappella preview concert (where all of the a cappella groups perform)! Depending on the year, we sometimes also hold Spring auditions!

How to audition for the Devils:
Choose a song of any genre - something that you enjoy singing and that you think shows off what your voice can do! We ask that you prepare about 30-60 seconds of singing (a verse and a chorus usually works well!). Cut and paste the song however you want so you can sing the parts you want us to hear! In the audition, you will sing this song to an audience of excited, adoring Devils, do some brief range-testing/warmups, and complete a short pitch-matching exercise (something along the lines of us playing a melody on the piano and you singing it back to us).

Also, if you have any special skills (beat-boxing, animal sounds, beat-boxing, ice dancing, beat-boxing), please, let us know during the audition and show us what you can do!

Most importantly, don't stress! We love watching auditions, whether they've been planning a song for weeks or came as a last-minute decision on a dare. We wouldn't mind it if literally every person at Vassar came to audition, so please, come on down and audition! We would love to hear you sing :)



Do I need to have previous singing experience to audition?

Not at all!!! We do check our auditionees' ranges, pitch-matching, and intonation, but we will gladly walk you through it if these words mean nothing to you!

How long are rehearsals? 

We rehearse 6 hours a week - the same as most a cappella groups on campus. Even when we're prepping for competitions or high-profile gigs, we do our best to keep the time commitment constant - we all have very busy lives!

What days are rehearsals? 

The schedule for each semester varies depending on the members' schedules.

What style of music do the Devils sing? 

Currently in our repertoire, we have songs across multiple genres - pop, indie, classic rock, jazz, original music by the Devils, etc. Any member can suggest a song, so our repertoire represents the wide-ranging musical tastes of our members.

Where do the Devils usually perform?

We do many gigs on the Vassar campus, such as our final concerts and special events such as singing Valentinograms. We also do many gigs in the surrounding areas, such as the Hudson Valley area, NYC, and Boston.